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About Our Truffles

The Perigord (aka “black winter”) truffle is the queen of the black truffle group, savored above all others for its outstanding mix and intensity of aromatic essences. This is the only truffle we sell. Everything from floral and fruity to earthy and musky can all be experienced in a single one! But those who have experienced the “black diamond” (yes, still another name for this delicacy) know that words cannot do it justice.

The French have an apt term: terrois. Often used to describe fine wine, it’s a hard-to-define thing, a “je ne sais quoi” of the mysterious synergy of soil and climate and grower care. And now we exquisitely matched this truffle to the terrois of the red clay soil and climate of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of East Tennessee. It’s an environment reminiscent of the French region between the Massif Central and the Gold Coast near Provence. After a patient seven years, we have shown the successful adaptation of the methods of French trufficulture to the New World. And, though small and only of family farm size, we are proud to be the largest producer in the United States.

We offer only 100% Black Winter truffle…

What’s that all about? It is really is no hype when we talk about our truffles growing in a virgin plantation. Our truffles our 100% true Perigords (scientific name Tuber melanosporum). This is not always the case with European imports, where European Union standards allow a percentage of an inferior competitor, known as the musk truffle, to be included in shipments designated as Perigord (black winter) truffles. The musk truffle has mostly a peppery and almost bituminous essence. [Ugh! -- in our opinion] And great news: this competitor is not native to the United States, and hence you can always be guaranteed 100% Tuber melanosporum from Tennessee Truffle.

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  • "This Tennessee truffle is the real thing." Daniel Boulud | Owner, Daniel | NY