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Truffle Categories

We sell two grades of fresh Tuber melanosporum truffles, adapting European Union standards as formulated by the Sainte Alvère (France) truffle market. However, our Category 1s have a minimum weight twice that of their European cousins. All truffles are carefully cleaned by the wet-brushing technique and are free of any visible soil particles, and are “table ready” for use. After cleaning we “rest” all our truffles in individual containers overnight in the refridgerator to see what kind of aroma and pungency they show. Every truffle is different in its aroma spectrum. If you prefer, for example, a fruity, floral truffle for your entrée rather than a more earthy truffle, we will do our best to match our truffles to your needs.

These are truffles greater than or equal to 0.8 oz. and are well-formed, that is, not too “knobby.” They may have slight surface defects such as caused by roots growing in proximity, or by our truffle hound getting a little over-enthusiastic and scratching the surface in his/her eagerness to unearth the truffle.

Price: $50 / oz (calc’d to nearest 0.1 oz). We weigh to the nearest tenth of an ounce. We sell whole truffles, and will do our best to get to your requested weight. But it may be slightly over or under what the exact weight is you requested. SHOP

These are smaller or more knobby truffles. They have a little more surface rind relative to the aromatic interior. But aside from that they are equivalent in every respect in their organoleptic (I love that word) qualities to the Category 1s.

Price $40 / oz (calculated to the nearest 0.1 oz). SHOP